Hurricane Irene—Two Weeks Later

We had a chance to spend some time in central New Jersey this week, an area which has suffered heavy flooding due to repeated storms topped off by Hurricane Irene. There were plenty of downed trees still being removed and lots of flood damaged properties but everywhere we went most businesses had been able to re-open. The very high water made for some interesting photographs. This one is the historic Princeton Mill building located on the bank of the Millstone River. I don’t envy the owner the cleanup effort as the high water mark looked fairly far up the walls.

Photo taken with Nikon D300S, Sigma 18-250 OS Lens
PhotomatixPro used for HDR processing

The dead white sky didn’t bode well for a great photograph but as is often the case with ugly skies HDR processing (in this case with my favorite PhotomatixPro) pulled me through. Then I used the LAB capability of Curvemeister to increase the red/green separation a little and the image was ready to go.

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The dead white sky didn't

The dead white sky didn't look good for an extraordinary photo however as is frequently the case with monstrous skies HDR preparing (thus with my most loved Photostatic Pro) pulled me through. At that point I utilized the LAB ability of Curve moister to build the red/green detachment a little and the picture was primed to go.personal statement scholarship

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