2005 News Archives

December 13: Epson expands Print Academy for 2006 to Meet Needs of Professional Photographers and Graphic Designers as Well as Photo Enthusiasts. Day 1 will help D-SLR owners learn to print like pros and the new Day 2 will help pros transitioning to digital learn how to take their printing to the next level. .

December 12: Could photo travel get any worse? Yes it could if Alaska's Ted Stevens has his way. The AK Senator & Chair of the Commerce committee wants to pass a law reducing carry-on bags to 1. With all the camera theft from checked luggage this would be another blow to the working or enthusiast photographer. !

Wimberly II
November 2: Wimberly II delayed until mid-December: notified us today that due to a factory issue their new version II head will be delayed until mid-December. In a classy move typical of their incredible customer service they not only notified us but specifically invited those with upcoming shoots (like Bosque) to let them know if they needed a loaner (version I of course) in the meantime.

October 31: Nikon D200 Announced: 10MP, 5fps, 50ms shutter lag. Basically a Huge upgrade from the D100 and likely to be a top seller. . Expected in late December for $1699. Also the Nikon R1C1 short range flash system is a welcome step forward from the old ring flash which has sorely needed an update for digital. . October 20: : Our new "photo dictionary" along with new product news from PhotoPlus Expo.

October 20: Epson introduces 80GB P-4000 photo viewer: Expensive at $699, but the new Cadillac of portable storage.

October 19: Apples upsets Photoshop Applecart: Introduces Aperture. It's no secret that Apple & Adobe have been bickering, but Apple fired a shot into Adobe's heartland today when it introduced a high-end photo editing & workflow tool (think FinalCut for pro photographers) with some cool features. .

October 5, 2005: Nikon launches cool new D2X site. . The slick animations are fun to watch although after awhile you might wish the pages just displayed normally.

September 26: Adobe announces --already awarded a PC Mag Editor's choice. If you don't already own Photoshop, consider Elements 4 as an inexpensive alternative.

September 26: Nikon Service Advisory for D2H, D70 and N55: Nikon announced that there have indeed been some metering failures caused by product issues on the D2H and D70 which they will repair free of charge even after the warranty has elapsed. . Does your camera need the repair. According to Nikon: if your D2H camera is experiencing (1) a freezing of the electronic analog exposure display accompanied by a display of the same exposure settings regardless of exposure and/or camera settings, or (2) is unable to focus automatically, Nikon Inc. will service it free of charge OR 1) when a memory card is inserted, your D70's memory card access lamp blinks, locking camera operations and preventing operation, or (2) with no memory card inserted, the camera will not turn on despite the battery indicator showing a fully charged battery, Nikon Inc. will service it free of charge.

September 13: Microsoft Vista to leap ahead in Color through Canon partnership: based on color appearance models and built on Canon's Kyuanos technology. We'll have lots more coverage of the resulting effort, WCS for Windows Vista, so stay tuned.

September 12: Canon launches site promoting its CMOS sensors. Features lots of detailed info on how their sensors work and why they believe they're the best in the industry. Worth browsing even for non-Canon shooters interested in some of the many facets that make up a sensor. .

September 9: Also notes on the Canon 5D, Dan's new LAB book and a must-have file sync utility.

September 2: Nikon and Adobe are finally starting to cooperate on image processing. Expect ACR 3.2 to correctly read the White Balance setting from the D2X and D2Hs using code licensed from Nikon. .