My first experiences with Google Glass

My first experiences with Google Glass

What better way to first experience Google Glass than at Google I/O. You can see my writeup about my learning to be a “glasshole” on Extremetech, as well as my from the conference itself. Some were taken with Glass, but despite how amazing the 5MP, 720p video, camera in Glass is, it’s not going to be replacing your DSLR anytime soon. It does offer a great way to shoot first person instructional videos.

Somewhat surprisingly, everyone I met in Palo Alto and San Francisco while wearing Glass was curious about them and not at all freaked out or hostile. Many asked when they’d be available and what I thought they’d cost.

Photo Google Glass is particularly good for “hands free” images of DIY projects or other instructional uses. A simple tap, or a nod & voice command creates a 5MP image of whatever you’re viewing.

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Image credit for portrait: Hy Murveit