Sony moves to address mirrorless lens shortage with four new models: 24-240 leads the way

Sony moves to address mirrorless lens shortage with four new models: 24-240 leads the way

One by one Sony and other mirrorless camera manufacturers have broken down the barriers to dumping a heavy DSLR and going lighter. Faster Autofocus and amazingly-good Electronic Viewfinders have been key in this effort. Just about the only remaining stumbling block for those used to the large array of lens options provided by Nikon and Canon is the limited selection of lenses for mirrorless models. Sony has quite a variety of lenses, but they come in several different mounts, and many of the best require an adapter for use on their newest mirrorless models like the excellent new . Sony is working hard to address the issue, and today introduced four new lenses for its full-frame mirrorless models:

The highlight of the bunch is clearly the new . With an ideal focal range for an “all-in-one” lens, built-in Optical Image Stabilization (Sony calls this OSS), and a focus motor that supports internal focusing, this lens makes Sony’s mid-range full-frame mirrorless models a much more competitive offering for prosumers than before. Of course, with full-frame lenses, there is no free lunch. The new lens, while competitively priced to similar offerings at Nikon and Canon for just under $1000, it is also similarly-size, and weighs in at a similar 1.72 pounds.

For those looking to stay lighter, or shoot with the no-compromise image quality of prime lenses, Sony also introduced three new high-quality, full-frame prime lenses:

Ideal for both portraits and macro, you will need to pay for the privilege, as the is priced at $1,098.

Not to be left out of the Art & Street photographer market, the $448 should provide an excellent, and compact option.

For those who want the ultimate in performance, the faster, larger, and more expensive may fit the bill. You can pre-order it now for $1498.

All of the lenses are available for pre-order from B&H using the links provided above.