Think Tank Speed Freak 2.0 Belt Pack Looks Like a Winner

You’re probably already cringing at the thought of another camera bag. But I’ve just gotten a for my summer workshops and it’s so cool I wanted to tell you about it now rather than waiting until I get back with a full field test. The bag fills that awkward niche between what you can put on a belt and a full up camera backpack…

The Speed Freak can either be a shoulder bag or a belt pack, and while you are using it as a belt pack you can use the very comfy shoulder strap for extra support like the convertible belt packs which are also a good intermediate solution. The Speed Freak uses a different top zipper system, with a zipper around the cover and a separate weather-sealed zipper in the middle for quick access. In comparison the Lowepro Inverse uses a dual pull zipper for the entire compartment. Which zipper system you prefer is probably a matter of choice but I like the “speed” opening as I don’t have to flop the entire cover open to pull out my camera.

More importantly the Speed Freak is designed to be used with the Think Tank belt system which I really love. It’s a simple matter to clip on any of the lens and accessory holders if I need a little more storage.


 [amazon B0016XKO0G thumbnail] Of course the most important question is what shooting solutions do I get with this new bag? First and foremost it helps with the times when I’m in the field with two cameras. Sure one is on my tripod but the other camera is typically banging around on my shoulder. I’ve already broken two cameras (with attendant large repair fees from NPS) by banging them while clambering around temples and caves when they were on my shoulder and swung loose. So whether it is in the field with the Grizzly Bears or exploring a catacomb in Burma I’m thrilled to have a low profile solution for keeping not only my second camera body but a flash, spare lens, batteries and other miscellaneous electronics safe and secure.


Then for day trips where the weather might turn bad (an increasing likelihood with all the whacky weather worldwide) instead of relying on just having a camera slung over my shoulder and lenses on my belt I can safely carry the camera but still get at it much more quickly than if it was in a backpack. Similarly for small boats and canoes it is great to have a safe way to get a camera and lenses off and on without a bulky backpack.

There are lots of other nice touches including a removable rain cover (so you don’t have to have it take up room for times when you won’t need it), a “key” leash which I use for my IronKey secure USB drive along with my house key, lots of little dividers in the front pocket for small stuff so it doesn’t get lost floating around in there and some expansion mesh pockets on the side for a water bottle or other “extra” stuff.

I’m already hooked but of course will post more thoughts after my summer trips. In the meantime you can buy the Speed Freak 2.0 directly from (you get a free bag if you order through ) or for .