Think Tank's Turnstyle 20 v2.0: The perfect day pack for your DJI Mavic Pro

Think Tank's Turnstyle 20 v2.0: The perfect day pack for your DJI Mavic Pro

Now that I’m doing more drone photography and videography, I needed a good way to travel with my drones. There are some really sweet hard cases, , but unless you’re working out of a vehicle its pretty heavy and bulky. Since many of the great drone locations are best reached by hiking or biking, I wanted something light and convenient, that would also hold my tablet and tablet mount.

It turns out the the fits the bill perfectly. Its sections are each a good fit for the Mavic Pro, the Remote Controller, and my tablet mount. I can even fit a small mirrorless camera or point in shoot alongside, and a spare battery. My cables, ND filters, and spare props go in the front compartment, while my 10-inch tablet fits nicely in dedicated tablet compartment in the back.

Even with all that, the bag is a joy to carry and use. It has a nice, wide, sling-style strap, that you can use over either shoulder or as a true sling. There is a small carrying handle for short jaunts. You can rotate it around to get access to the contents without taking it off. That’s important to me when working in the field, as the less things I have to set down and retrieve again, the better.

Here you can see my with all the gear I carry in it.

There isn’t a lot of room to spare once you get all the kit needed to fly a , which is what helps keep the system easy to carry and manage. So if you expect to load up with additional chargers or a sun hood for your tablet, then you may need to bring along a larger pack or split things up. But if you want something “just the right size” for flying your , the is a great option, and won’t break the bank.

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