Want to cram more gear into your carry-on? Jaktogo pushes beyond the photo vest

Jaktogo foto 1Without question, traveling with photo gear only gets harder. Airlines continue to winnow down the amount of carry-on they allow, and checked bags are subject to loss and breakage. As many of my readers (and safari participants) know, I’m a big fan of my Scottevest, that allows me to stash a tablet, phone, headphones, hat, glasses, lunch, and maybe a rainshell conveniently. But it doesn’t really help with the bulk storage of laptop, camera, lenses, flashes, and chargers. Photo vests are an alternative used by many of us, but now a new set of products pushes the limit even further…

Jaktogo sells a full line of luggage-like clothing, from their namesake Jaktogo to a Dresstogo, and Ponchotogo. If you can tolerate looking pretty strange (like an eggplant?) they’re an intriguing option for carrying more with you on airplanes. Now, I’m not actually going to try one of these, for two reasons: 1) I’m not that desperate, my vest + + are working great for me, and 2) Airlines that are being truly brutal about carry-ons are starting to pick on over-burdened vests and jackets – if they pick on my Airport TakeOff I can lock and check it, no such luck with a vest or jacket.

However, if any of you out there have a Jaktogo product or are brave enough to experiment with one, please let us know your experiences!

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