Free Updates to Bibble, Aperture and iPhoto

Bibble Labs announced a free update for users of Bibble Pro and Bibble Lite version 5 to 5.21 adding support for the new model Canon cameras. .

Nikon Updates Software with Windows 7 Versions, Bug Fixes

Nikon released minor updates for many of its software packages today, including: View NX 1.5.3, Nikon Transfer 1.5.3 (Windows) / 1.5.2 ( Macintosh), WT-4 Setup Utility   1.1.4, Thumbnail Selector  1.1.4, WT-4 Camera Control Utility for 64-bit OS (v.1.1.4 Windows only). View NX and Nikon Transfer primarily add support for both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.x), but there have also been several bug fixes, and a few added features as well...
The WT-4 Setup Utility and Thumbnail Selector add Wireless Transmitter support for the D3S, Mac OS 10.5.8 (Leopard), and Windows 7.

Windows 7: Should you take the Plunge?

Do you think you have plenty of time to decide whether to upgrade to Windows 7? If you want to get it for a reasonable price, you may have a lot less time than you think...

Noise Ninja adds External Batch mode

Picture Code has released a free update to Noise Ninja with a Sidekick feature which allows other applications to send batches of images to it for noise removal. It is free to registered users of Noise Ninja 2.x

Profiling Your Printer

Leopard Hunting
Hunting Leopard Okavango Delta, Botswana Nikon D2H, 70-200mm AF-S/VR

Printing Great Color:
Profiling your Printer with Colorvision PrintFIX PRO

A crucial and too frequently overlooked step in every photographer's workflow is printing images with great color. Until now the process of profiling a printer has been somewhat arcane and very expensive. High end profiling packages like Profilemaker, when combined with the needed hardware, can cost several thousand dollars.

Using Curves

by Mike Russell, exclusive to , March 2006

Curves are the most powerful way to alter the values of an image.  Most image editing programs, including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Picture Window Pro support curves.  In this article, I'll cover the basics of curves. Then I'd like to show you some things you can do with curves that will improve your images.