Lytro Immerge

Did Lytro just build the ultimate movie camera?

Lytro is best known for its consumer and prosumer camera models that allow after the fact refocusing. After generating a lot of media attention, neither product caught on in the marketplace, so Lytro began a well-publicized change in strategy – moving to create products for professional content creators. On the heels of announcing its Immerge, which it plans to be the ultimate VR video capture system, Lytro has just announced Cinema, a movie camera that essentially virtualizes video capture. Instead of only capturing the amount of light falling on its sensor (or sensors), it also captures information about the direction of the light. This, coupled with a an active sensor that creates a depth map, allows movie makers to refocus, automatically green screen, and perform other special effects after the fact. I covered more of the details in a . If any of you are at NAB next week where the unit will be premiered, let us know what you think!