David & Lorrie’s Travel Clothing and Accessories

These are items that we either rely on personally in my travels or have been picked out for our clients by the experienced travel pros at Edward’s Luggage, a local family owned chain of four travel and luggage stores here in the Bay Area. It is by no means complete but I’ll be adding to it and expanding it as new products come to my attention:


For trips involving small planes it is essential to use duffel type bags. For Africa we usually provide a large, sturdy custom logo Eagle Creek duffel, but for other trips we recommend:

  • North face base camp duffel's rubberized for water protection, large u shaped opening—perfect for outdoor airstrips typically used by small planes in Africa and Alaska. Or Eagle Creek makes some great models but they are not weatherproof.

For “hotel-based” trips like our photo tour to Asia rollers are great. Porters handle the luggage once we arrive but the rollers are handy in any case:

  • Eagle creek rollers are what I rely on. They have some brand new ones that are almost suitcase like but still have a long enough main compartment to fit a tripod.


  • Cocoon down travel pillows medium and Large pillow case available to match

  • Cocoon silk travel sheet (not needed on our trips but if you are going off on your own and staying places where you aren’t sure about the bedding)

  • Cocoon micro fiber blanket, can be used on the plane and also carried in the backpack

  • Travel Sox made in Italy compression for long plane rides to help with leg swelling

  • Travel towel-Eagle Creek small space saving and high absorbency


  • Pack safe back pack, waist pouch, and under clothes security with un-cuttable straps. Slash proof, cut proof, tamper proof...

  • TSA-Approved Combination locks for luggage 3 dial can be set for any three numbers of your choice. Bring spares as these can get cut off, especially on international trips where not all airports have the special tool.

  • Lightweight under clothes waist or neck passport holders


  • Scottevest Black and Tan for men, Blk and Rust for Ladies, 22 pockets for all your travel items

  • Ex officio anti microbial underwear, and tee shirts for men and women, lightweight, quick drying, and breathable

  • Ex officio hiking socks, bug repelling and quick drying

  • Ex officio travel convertible pants bug repellent, converts from pants to shorts

  • Long-Sleeve Shirts--David's Favorites are Ex Officio Baha with Buzz-Off and AirStrip Lite

  • Short-Sleeve Shirts--David' current Favorite is the Ex Officio Trail Runner (since North Face doesn't make their Baja/Sahara model any more)

  • Tilley Hats tan and olive, measure head size to order. floats, breathes, has security pocket,and a lifetime guarantee