David & Lorrie’s Travel Clothing and Accessories

These are items that we either rely on personally in my travels or have been picked out for our clients by the experienced travel pros at Edward’s Luggage, a local family owned chain of four travel and luggage stores here in the Bay Area. It is by no means complete but I’ll be adding to it and expanding it as new products come to my attention:


Gift Card Idea: Secure Your Online Self with an Ironkey

When I first wrote about my Ironkey secure USB drive I didn't really expect to need its fancy self-destruct feature. But sure enough it got left at the Johannesburg security checkpoint and I didn't realize it until a day later. That one incident paid for the device. Because it is totally secure, both encrypted and physically designed to be impervious to cracking, I didn't have to worry about a thing. Simply get another one. But it does so much more than protecting your data that I wanted to update my review, especially since I'm sure many of you will wind up with Amazon gift cards burning a hole in your pocket after Christmas...

DPS 7-02: Travel Security & Safety, plus Reviews of a new photo book option and other hot products

Feature Article: Staying Safe & Secure While you Travel

After writing my and after more than one friend had their laptop stolen while traveling I decided to get serious about data security for my travels--both around the US and internationally. I've come up with a set of tools and techniques that taken together can help you minimize the danger of losing any personal information or other valuable or private data you may have on your laptop or type into your web browser. I strongly recommend anyone who does very much travelling consider doing something like this.