DPS 6-05: Special Issue on Burma Disaster & How you can Help, with local images

DPS 6-05: Special Issue on the Burma (Myanmar) Cyclone Nagris, the Relief Effort and How you Can Help

DigitalPro Shooter -- May 23, 2008

DPS 6-05: Special Issue on Burma Cyclone Disaster -- Update, Images & How you Can Help

As many of you know Burma (Myanmar) is one of my favorite countries and the people there are some of the nicest and most hospitable in the world. In addition to all of their other burdens, the southern part of the country has been struck by an awful natural disaster, Cyclone Nagris.

The effect of the disaster has been magnified by the difficulty of getting relief supplies to those who need them. The Burmese (Myanmar) government has not allowed Western aid workers into the country yet -- although as of today they have now said they will begin to do so -- and has only allowed very limited access even by relief teams from its asian neighbors.

Fortunately many residents of Burma have taken a leadership role in providing aid to those less fortunate than themselves. In particular the owners and staff at Tour Mandalay -- the local travel and tour operator we have worked with for years -- have launched a sizeable effort to help residents of the affected area near Thanlyin (Syriam) at the mouth of the Yangon River.

Over a dozen members of the Tour Mandalay team are actively involved, using their own resources and contributions from their overseas contacts.

The images accompanying this article are all courtesy of their relief effort, and we've also put many of their images together into an which will give you a sense of the magnitude of the problem in some areas and the ways that the TM team is helping.

How you can Help

Tour Mandalay helps with Medical Supplies

One of the most challenging parts of helping with this crisis is getting aid and aid dollars to the people who need them. Fortunately the Tour Mandalay team is personally helping the victims so by helping their efforts we're able to directly help those in need. They need money to help them purchase needed supplies including water filters, clothes, blankets, mosquito nets and medicines.

You can contribute to their efforts by .

Visiting Burma


Just as with the unrest in Burma last year, the cyclone has not interfered with Burma's natural beauty or affect all the reasons for visiting. The wonderful cities of Bagan and Mandalay as well as their surrounding areas are unaffected. Even Yangon which suffered from the cyclone is well on its way to recovery.

But just like with the protests last year, we expect the cyclone to further harm Burmese tourism, which is a real shame. The country's residents will need our support and hard currency more than ever, especially since the area hit produced a large portion of their rice crop so cash will be more important than ever for many Burmese.

. Our money goes directly to Tour Mandalay and other similarly hard working local private companies who need our support. But even if you can't make it to be part of our trip, we encourage you to consider visiting Burma if you can.

Event Update

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Grizzly bear female
Alaska bear safari

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Crested Caracara
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events updated 4/24/2008

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