DPS 7-07: The Future of Imaging--Camera 2.0, Beyond HDR & more--Event Update & Product News

  Welcome to DPS 7-07. We hope you had a great summer. We sure did, highlighted by our July trips to Alaska for Brown Bear photography. Next year's trips are already mostly full so if you'd like to join us please sign up soon. Closer to home we've also announced our two Texas bird photo safaris for April and we still have one opening on our African "trip of a lifetime" photo safari in November. In the meantime I had a great time speaking at a symposium on High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging at Stanford which has given me lots of new energy to re-capture many local scenes using new techniques.

DPS 7-06: New Nikons, Alaska Trip Report, Events Update & plenty of news and tips

Welcome to DPS 7-06. We hope your summer has been a succesful one, both photographically and personally. The highlight of ours was once again our Grizzly Bear & Puffin photo safaris where we lead two great groups of enthusiastic participants in photographing the majestic Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears and a variety of seabirds. In the meantime Nikon has been busy churning out a spate of new Coolpix models but has also update the D300 and several important lenses we want to make sure you know about. And of course in this issue we'll give you the latest updates on our events schedule.

DPS 7--05: Texas Trip Report & New Trip Announcements, Lensbaby Composer, Cool Drive Dock, Photo News

Welcome to DPS 7-05. We recently returned from our 4th spring visit to South Texas after a great safari week with some very happy participants who got the bird photo opportunities they were hoping for and more. As always we enjoyed the hospitality of some of the premier private photo locations in the Southwest, including the hot new property Campos Viejos--1st place winner in this year's Lens and Land photo contest!

DPS 7-04: Hot Deal on Nikon D700, Sigma 120-400mm Lens Field Test, Camera Straps, SpyderCube, Lensbaby Composer and more...

Welcome to DPS 7-04--the newsletter.We've got some great new product announcements and updates as well as the results of our Sigma Lens field test for you in this issue, plus an upgrade to our November Botswana Safari and an announcement of our Texas Bird Photo Safari for next April. Mixed in you'll find some useful photo tips we picked up in Texas this April.

DPS 7-03: PMA 09 Show Special Issue--Better than Being There, What you need to know without leaving your chair

One of the best features of DigitalPro Shooter & the website is that we have a focus on our readers. So rather than present you with hundreds of new product blurbs or flog products we get paid to sell you we sift through everything out there and try to give you some cogent comments on the ones that are really interesting. Some may be products of value to you today, some in the future and some are just plain cool and point the way to future offerings. So with that in mind after our first two days here, with a couple dozen hours of product briefings and a few miles of shoe leather here are some of the coolest new products we've found.

DPS 7-02: Travel Security & Safety, plus Reviews of a new photo book option and other hot products

Feature Article: Staying Safe & Secure While you Travel

After writing my and after more than one friend had their laptop stolen while traveling I decided to get serious about data security for my travels--both around the US and internationally. I've come up with a set of tools and techniques that taken together can help you minimize the danger of losing any personal information or other valuable or private data you may have on your laptop or type into your web browser. I strongly recommend anyone who does very much travelling consider doing something like this.

DPS 7-01: Infrared Adventures & Images, Lowepro Classified 250, NiMH Hybrids Pay off


Welcome to Volume 7 of DigitalPro Shooter, the newsletter. In our 8th year of publication we're as committed as ever to providing you with real world photo tips and news of interest to serious photographers--especially those using Nikon and Canon digital cameras. I'm quite excited today to be bringing you a follow up to the very popular article on Infrared photography I wrote for PC Magazine (). That article went through the basics of shooting digital infrared, but after spending a month in Southeast Asia with a converted D70 from I have a lot more to share in terms of more advanced thoughts, tips and techniques for those who are serious about IR. I also road-tested the new Lowepro Classified 250AW and a set of new Eneloop hybrid rechargeable batteries so I'm happy to share my results with them as well.

DPS 6-11: The Magic of High Dynamic Range Imagery, Nikon D3X Intro & Lower Prices for the D700 and D3

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day weekend. For most businesses this quarter has been challenging and we can expect more tricky times in 2009. So the holidays are a great time to take a break and relax, hopefully with your friends and family. In that spirit we've got a great feature article for you on a really fun photo technique that has just gotten much easier--High Dynamic Range (or HDR) photography.

DPS 6-10: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary, plus David's Favorite new Photo Products & DigitalPro 5 Announcement

With the ongoing financial crisis our feature article is more timely than ever. Photographers, like everyone, are cutting back on their trips to exotic locations and finding themselves needing to do more with less--and make the subjects they can find in their everyday lives or close to home a major part of their hobby. So we're delighted to present some tips on making the ordinary into the extraordinary.

DPS 6-09: nik Sharpener Pro 3.0, Can Sharpening get any better? Plus a new Photoshop CS4 Learning Center from NAPP

nik Sharpener Pro 3.0 Hands-On Review & Tips

Many years ago when I first heard about Sharpener Pro I thought "that's a lot of money just to sharpen an image when Photoshop does it for free."

DPS 6-08: "Strut Your Stuff" -- Going Beyond Prints for Sharing your Images


Since you're reading this newsletter then it is certain that whatever else you did you took plenty of pictures this summer. And you probably want to share them with your friends. So about now you may be sifting through all your options for the best way to post, publish, print or otherwise make sure everyone knows what a cool time you had and what a great photographer you are.

DPS 6-04: Texas Bird Trip Report & Exclusive Tips on Making your Photos "Pop"

DPS 6-04: South Texas Trip Report & Exclusive Tips on Making your Photos POP

DigitalPro Shooter -- April 25, 2008

DPS 6-04: South Texas Trip Report & Exclusive Tips on Making your Photos POP