January 2011

Inside a Nikon D7000--Tear one Apart and Look!

Chipworks has dissected a Nikon D7000 and candidly reveals what they found. From the new Sony imager to 512MB of Static RAM it is impressive to see what's packed between our palms when we squeeze the trigger. If you've never gotten a behind the scenes tour of a Nikon service facility this is the best way to get a sneak peek!



Myanmar Travel Guide–Visiting and Photographing Burma

For six years we’ve been traveling to and photographing the wonders of Myanmar (also known as Burma) and have collected a good variety of information on visiting. Much of it is in articles we’ve written for our website or other publications and much more of it is found in sometimes hard to find books on the country, its history and its people.

All About Nature Photography -- All in One Place!


For those of you not familiar with NANPA is one of the oldest, largest and most respected groups of Nature Photographers in the U.S. We've been proud to be a corporate member for several years and this year are especially excited to be offering a half-day workshop on wildlife photography as part of their annual Summit in March. If you haven't been to the Summit it is a great place to meet and learn from experts in the field of nature photography, network with your peers, and get some shooting done.

YOUBIQ adds all in one Mini-Pod, Grip, and Cloud Based Organizer to the iPhone 4

The YOUBIQ won't turn your iPhone into a pro camera, but for those looking to upgrade their camera phone photography experience the YOUBIQ Gymbl, App & Cloud solution is an interesting set of products and services which aim to make everything from image capture to upload and organization simpler. For, say, real estate agents or others who rely on their phones for quick images for work this could be great. And for families and vacationers who are almost happy with the iPhone as a camera but want to take it one notch further this will be an interesting alternative to getting a point and shoot with an Eye-Fi card. Read on for more details...

Bibble 5.2 Pro & Lite Now Available -- Sentimental Favorite Pushes the Selective Editing Envelope

Bibble 5 Pro Box

One of the first and always one of the fastest Raw processors, Bibble has also become an aggressive competitor in the non-destructive editing space along with Lightroom, Aperture and Capture NX2. They're again pushing the envelope with version 5.2, featuring: "Major Selective Editing Improvements, Support for 14 New Camera RAW Formats & Much More"

Southeast Asia–Cambodia Trip Report and December Photo Tour Announcement

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Amazing Deals on Lexar High Speed Compact Flash & SD Cards from B&H

With cameras increasing in resolution every year and now shooting HD video it seems like it is always time to upgrade our Compact Flash and SD cards. And as I've written about before high-speed cards like the Lexar 300x versions make a real productivity difference for anyone who shoots quickly or shoots alot. The only problem has been the cost of those premium speed cards from a premium brand name like Lexar. But today I got a great announcement of a promotion from B&H where you can purchase Lexar 16GB 300x cards for only $79! (B&H originally told me $69 but several readers have noticed it is actually $79). That's half the normal price.

Lexar 16GB UDMA 300x Compact Flash Card  $79.95 shipped.

They've also got some great deals on high speed SD cards for the next few days so order now. I've already ordered a couple...

Fixing A Once in a Lifetime Sunrise, Using Hand Held HDR

A chance to go hot-air ballooning is rare enough, but the opportunity to do it over the 4,000 temples and pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) is difficult to repeat. So when the picture perfect morning had too much contrast for my D700 I quickly shifted to using HDR hand-held from the balloon and the results saved the day. I've posted a step by step of what I did and how the images came out on the B&H Blog site. Enjoy!