border wall

US-Mexico border in West Texas: Panoramas shot with the Sony RX100 IV

On our recent trip from California to eastern Texas, we hugged the border much of the way across Texas. Some of it was fenced, but much of it is still amazingly wild, rugged, and beautiful. I was fortunate enough to have the new Sony RX100 Mark IV with me, which has an amazingly good Panorama mode, and able to quickly and easily capture these wide-format images that help convey the scope and grandeur of the region…

Our Country's New Wall -- from the American Side

After hearing about it for years Annie and I made it a point to drive along the new Mexican-American Wall while we were in southern Texas...Ironically the wall--really a fence in the area we saw from Brownsville to McAllen, a 50 mile stretch--was surprisingly attractive physically. As you can see from the attached image it is a very tall "picket fence" made of I-Beam sized steel beams.