South Texas

Wildlife Photos: Subject + Light + Background–Painted Bunting

When most people think of wildlife photos – whether of Mammals, Birds, or Reptiles – they think of the subject. But there is a lot more to making a compelling photograph of an animal in nature than the subject. Light plays an essential role, for starters. Dull, drab, images are seldom capable of commanding our attention. Backgrounds, while under-rated, are also key. All three came together in this image of a Painted Bunting from our Hill Country bird photo workshop this week. Each element plays a role…

Our Country's New Wall -- from the American Side

After hearing about it for years Annie and I made it a point to drive along the new Mexican-American Wall while we were in southern Texas...Ironically the wall--really a fence in the area we saw from Brownsville to McAllen, a 50 mile stretch--was surprisingly attractive physically. As you can see from the attached image it is a very tall "picket fence" made of I-Beam sized steel beams.