Sony takes the Photographer out of Event Photography?

For $150 you can now buy a robot to photograph your next party. Sony is releasing a "Party-Shot" accessory for its two new low-light Cybershot cameras (TX1 & WX1) that is an automatic panning system which combines with their face detection and AI-based composition firmware to capture photos from an event.

Nikon Announces 70-200 VR II and 18-200 VR II lenses -- Upgraded at upgraded prices

Nikon has launched updates to the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR lens and the popular Nikon 18-200mm DX f/3.5-f/5.6G lens....

Nikon D300s Updates D300 with HD Video --Article Updated

The  delivers a feature packed update to the venerable Nikon D300. It features HD Video and dual slots. Highlights include:

Nikon Introduces D3000--Full featured 10MP D-SLR with built-in coaching, 11-point AF & lens for under $600

Nikon has launched yet another ground-breaking entry level D-SLR. The headline feature of the camera is the new "Guide" mode which provides shooting suggestions for particular situations, but the one I'm most excited by is ...the 11-point AF system. Entry level shooters are often crippled by the 3 or 5 point AF systems so that the shooters who need the most help getting their subject out of the center of the frame get the least. Now they can benefit from more easy composition options. Nikon has also reduced shutter lag from previous entry level models which will be another big plus.

A Terrabyte for your laptop! New WD Mega-Drives Announced

Since disk drives keep getting bigger it shouldn't be a surprise that you'll soon be able to get 1 Terrabyte 2.5" hard drives for your laptop.But of course it is always a little stunning to see the pace of change. These 1 TB and 750GB laptop drives from Western Digital don't compromise on features. In addition to a 3GBit transfer rate they have WD features like WhisperDrive for quiet use, drop resistant ShockGuard, and SecurePark for more shock tolerance.

Adobe Releases Camera Raw 5.4 (Lightroom 2.4) with Support for Nikon D5000 + 25 other cameras

You can now download Adobe Camera Raw 5.4 (LightRoom 2.4 Raw module) with support for the Nikon D5000 and lots of other cameras:

Newly supported cameras for Camera Raw 5 and Lightroom 2:

Support for the following cameras has been added from Camera Raw 5.3 to 5.4 and Lightroom 2.3 to 2.4

Custom Photo Safaris

Cardinal Photo Custom Phofo & Adventure Safaris

Over the years we've found that many of our clients & friends want to participate in one of our trips but the dates we've scheduled just don't work for them or they'd like a customized trip for their family or friends. Rather than mass produce trips for every date we've instead started to offer custom safaris for groups so that we can provide the same high-level of personal attention, guiding and instruction adapted to your schedule and dates.

Burma: The Land That Time Forgot


Sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar Nikon D2H Processed using Photokit Color

Just the name Burma conjures up images of hot jungles and bitter conflict. One of the most deadly theaters of WWII Burma was a place much in the news and on everyone�s mind in that period. Then, renamed Myanmar and taken over by a virtual lynch mob of generals who have suspended elections after placing their elected president under house arrest the country has increasingly become a throwback to a different time.

Unlike neighboring Thailand and China, Myanmar has largely been left out of the Asian economic boom because of its insular and repressive government and backwards economic policies--amplified by a US trade embargo. The result is a country with many modern issues but set in a nearly historic backdrop.

Visiting Burma (Myanmar)



Photo News

PMA 2009 was billed as being "boring" for pro photographers because of the lack of D-SLR & Lens announcements, but there was plenty to see.

There were lots of accessories, as well as software and photo tools well worth evaluating.

David is now a Photodex Featured Photographer

Nikon D3 vs. Nikon D300 -- A comparison for bird photography

Black-necked Stilt, Palo Alto Baylands Nikon D3, 600f/4 + TC1.7, ISO 800I had the pleasure of spending this morning photographing shorebirds with a loaner D3 (courtesy of Nikon) and a D300 (courtesy of my piggybank and Roberts Imaging prompt delivery).