Image Management for Photographers: A How To Series for those serious about digital imaging

Lesson #1: Learning DigitalPro, Lesson #2: Image Uploading & Reviewing, Lesson #3: Image Filing, Lesson #4: Image Keywording, Lesson #5: Image Preparation & Finishing, Lesson #6: Image Submissions, Lesson #7: Image Storage

PC Photo to be renamed Digital Photo

The next issue of PCPhoto
will have a new name: Digital Photo. From Steve Werner...

Noise Ninja adds External Batch mode

Picture Code has released a free update to Noise Ninja with a Sidekick feature which allows other applications to send batches of images to it for noise removal. It is free to registered users of Noise Ninja 2.x

Cradoc Announces fotoQuote Pro 6

Anyone who licenses images for stock is short-changing themselves if they don't have fotoQuote Pro for quick and reliable industry benchmark pricing for images based on usage. Now Version 6 is coming out and looks to be better than ever

The full announcement with a discount offer for upgrading customers:
FotoQuote Pro 6, our biggest upgrade ever, is finished and ready for you to order.

Canon Announces the Canon EOS Rebel T1i -- Answer to the Nikon D90

Canon has just announced the release of the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, 15MP entry-level DSLR includes HD Video recording in 720p.

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2005 News Archives

December 13: Epson expands Print Academy for 2006 to Meet Needs of Professional Photographers and Graphic Designers as Well as Photo Enthusiasts. Day 1 will help D-SLR owners learn to print like pros and the new Day 2 will help pros transitioning to digital learn how to take their printing to the next level. .

2007 News Archives

September 11: Nikon releases new versions of its free image browsers: Nikon View NX () and (), Nikon Transfer () and (

Sony 500mm f/4 lens spotted!

DPS 7-02: Travel Security & Safety, plus Reviews of a new photo book option and other hot products

Feature Article: Staying Safe & Secure While you Travel

After writing my and after more than one friend had their laptop stolen while traveling I decided to get serious about data security for my travels--both around the US and internationally. I've come up with a set of tools and techniques that taken together can help you minimize the danger of losing any personal information or other valuable or private data you may have on your laptop or type into your web browser. I strongly recommend anyone who does very much travelling consider doing something like this.